Public Engagement

Staying informed and engaged.

SLCDPU is implementing a robust public information and engagement effort to ensure people know about the rebuilding of the Water Reclamation Facility and the Collection System Improvements. We’re committed to providing the information people need, as well as opportunities for sharing feedback about the projects, design and educational elements, and construction impacts.


To ensure the project reflects the community’s needs, values and goals, SLCDPU is engaging stakeholders and the public to seek input on the Facility’s architectural design, as well as sustainability and educational elements.

Building a completely new Facility provides the rare opportunity to incorporate elements to educate residents, students and visitors about the wastewater-treatment process and environmental sustainability. Depending on public feedback, the building may also include meeting space for educational and community use. Multiple occasions are planned for the public to share their ideas and opinions.

During construction, we also want to make sure people are aware of what is happening and how they can navigate the impacts. Coping tips and tools are in development; public feedback on these will be sought at engagement events.

We’re planning the following information and engagement activities:

  • Public open houses
  • Community briefings and presentations
  • Working groups – Great Salt Lake, sustainability, educators, youth
  • Informational materials and mailings
  • Construction flyers
  • Project website updates
  • Media relations
  • Community care line

Public Engagement Activities

Fall 2016 through Present
  • Stakeholder interviews – Oct 2016
  • Design charrette workshop – Oct 2016
  • Rose Park community festival – May 2017
  • City Council tour – Mar 2017
  • Stakeholder interviews – Oct 2018
  • Presentation Women in Water – Feb 2019
  • Open houses (2) – Apr 2019
  • Open house ads (2) – Apr 2019
  • Mailers sent to customers about the proposed rate increase – May 2019
  • Working groups meetings – Sep & Dec 2019
  • Orange snow cone neighborhood outreach events – Sep 2019
  • Groundbreaking event – Oct 2019
  • Open houses (2) – Jan 2020
  • Open house ads – Jan 2020
  • Construction starting letters mailed to city residents and businesses – Jan 2020
  • Mailers sent to customers about the proposed rate increase – May 2020
  • SLCDPU budget hearings – May/June 2020
  • Construction flyer mailing – Aug 2020
  • Presentation WEFTEC – Oct 2020
  • Construction flyer mailing – Feb 2021
  • Working group flyer emails – May 2021
  • Construction flyer mailing – Oct 2021
  • Working group – Dec 2021
  • Rate increase mailers – May 2022
  • Open houses (2) – May 2022
  • Open house ads – May 2022
  • Construction flyer – July 2022

3,540,901 touchpoints and counting!


  • The project has broad support. People are interested in finding out more about the overall project, wastewater and aspects of the project that can benefit the community. Productive discussions have taken place and information has been exchanged.
  • Understand the need for the project. As people learn more about the project, they readily agree that it is needed. No one has questioned this. In fact, several interviewees and open house attendees voluntarily voiced their support for the project.
  • Accepting of the cost and how funds will be raised. During the public open houses, there were a few questions asked about the project’s cost, how it would be paid for and potential financial impacts to people on fixed incomes. People accepted the information provide by SLCDPU and did not raise any other concerns of note. Two open house attendees even remarked that the cost seemed “cheap.”
  • Provides a unique sustainability opportunity. Those who attended the public open houses and participated in working group meetings expressed their interest in sustainability opportunities and support for how this project presents sustainability opportunities that go beyond the typical LEED building elements. People see that this is a unique project that can incorporate sustainability and green elements in ways that are good for the city and community.
  • Desire for public access and educational elements. Those who attended the design charrette, public open houses and working group meetings expressed interest in having public access and educational opportunities at the facility. They noted the many different opportunities for people to learn about the treatment process and wastewater, the water cycle, water conservation, the plants and animals in the wetlands area, sustainability and stewardship.
  • Support for the architectural vision and ideas. Those who attended the public open houses and participated in the working group meetings expressed support for the architectural vision to create an interconnected campus inspired by the local water cycle.
  • Concern about traffic and road conditions. A couple of attendees at the open houses stated that 2300 North is a traffic-heavy road and asked SLCDPU to implement a traffic management plan to help ensure traffic moves smoothly during construction. Likewise, attendees asked SLCDPU to make sure 2300 North is restored to a good condition following construction.

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