Rate Increase

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing high-quality drinking water, managing storm water, collecting and treating wastewater, and lighting our city’s streets. These critical services are essential in our daily lives and keep our city running, our communities safe and healthy, and support our economy growing.

To ensure we continue to provide high-quality service requires careful and thoughtful planning and important investments in infrastructure. This is reflected in Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities’ annual budget process and our proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2023-2024. Over the last several years, Public Utilities and City leaders have developed multi-year strategies of improving aging infrastructure, including several years of gradual rate increases, bonds, and grants to finance hundreds of millions of dollars of capital investments in water infrastructure.

Why Rate Changes?

Rate changes are needed to fund the repair and replacement of aging water infrastructure, ensure infrastructure and processes meet federal and state regulatory obligations for safe drinking water, keep up with inflationary pressures, and recover from revenue loss due to drought conditions. The following are specific projects we are focused on:

  • The federal Lead and Copper Rule and upcoming revisions
  • Reconstruction of the City’s Water Reclamation Facility
  • Rehabilitation of three drinking water treatment plants
  • Rehabilitation work on Mountain Dell Dam and other City-owned dams
  • Street lighting changes to be energy efficient and Dark Skies compliant
  • Renovation to portions of the stormwater collection systems

Rate changes allow us to provide quality and reliable services.

How Will The Proposed Rate Changes Affect Customers?

SLCDPU rates are based on water use and the cost to provide services. Rates vary, depending on customer type: residential, commercial, and industrial, as well as the amount of water used. Below are the rate increases that went into effect this year.


Usage (average winter water use)Monthly Rate Increase
City Customers – 4 CCF (low use)$1.78
City Customers – 8 CCF (medium use$7.12


UsageMonthly Rate Increase
City Customers – 3/4″ Meter 6 CCF (minimum use)$3.16
City Customers – 3/4″ Meter 21 CCF (medium use)$6.32
County Customers – 3/4″ Meter 6 CCF (minimum use)$5.30
County Customers – 3/4″ Meter 21 CCF (medium use)$14.05


UsageMonthly Rate Increase
City Customers – Less than .25 acre$0. per ERU

Summer Drought Surcharge

City & County Customers – Block 3 Increase Per CCF $0.66

City & County Customers – Block 4 Increase Per CCF $1.17